BD010 – Wildfires (in Southern California)

27. November 2007 Category Diary | 3 Comments »

iTunes-viewable multimedia version (.m4a) with pictures available here (right-click (pc) or control-click (mac) and “save link/target” to download). Or if you’re reading this on iTunes, go to the site to download the version with pictures.

The full impact of the recent Southern California Wildfires is not yet known, because even this weekend a brush fire in Malibu destroyed 35 homes.

These fires happened in communities where Amanda has walked dogs over the past few years. This leads her to have a very intimate connection with the communities affected by these wildfires. The same chaparral that can be so beautiful in Spring becomes deadly in late Summer. In this diary, Amanda reflects on the history of fire in Southern California. Just four years ago, we were beset by the Cedar fire in North San Diego, which caused as much as 2.2 billion dollars in damages. It seems that history (link leads to a satellite picture of the 2003 fires) repeats (a satellite image of the 2007 fires) itself. What can we learn from this?

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AB019 – Training Gone Wild! (Destiny part 7)

3. September 2007 Category Episode | 0 Comments »

In this, the finale to this round of episodes featuring Amanda’s rival, Destiny, the girls go extreme. We’re stuck at the front door to a very important client’s abode, again, as Amanda tries to work out her anxiety with another round of lock checking… and checking… and checking. We were exposed to it, then the Boss Lady had to deal with it, and now Destiny learns to deal with Amanda’s kookiness in her own way. Let’s put it this way: if dogwalking doesn’t work out, Destiny probably has a future as a Dominatrix!

The Amanda Banana video podcast will be taking a brief hiatus following this episode, but we will be back soon! In the meantime, you can catch up on any episodes you may have missed, including the audio podcast Banana Diaries, right here on We’ll still be putting up the occasional new diary while we take a break too, so you can stay in touch. If you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe in iTunes so you’ll never miss an episode (including our re-launch), or if you don’t have iTunes, subscribe to our newsletter! See you soon, and keep your pooches happy!

BD009 – An Introduction to La La Land

27. August 2007 Category Diary | 0 Comments »

Los Angeles is a strange, mystical place. Thousands of hopeful strangers arrive here every month, to the horror of their families, in order to follow their dreams. We interrupt the story of Amanda and Destiny in order to shine a light on the spiritual materialism of this superficial landscape. Amanda has a unique vantage point from her dog park forays that allows her to see how the game is played. Thinking of moving to Los Angeles? Then you need to hear this.

AB018 – Celebrity Dog Poop

14. August 2007 Category Episode | 0 Comments »

What separates celebrity-owned dogs from the rest of the pack? After all, human celebrities poop just like us. But do they ever suffer from blocked pipes? You never see celebrities making public appearances on behalf of Preparation H. So how do celebrity dogs differ from their common canine counterparts? Amanda Banana is on the case.

Amanda’s still being trained by Destiny, her rival at the dog-walking company. We previously saw Amanda’s technique for picking up dog poop in AB003 – The Poop Chronicles. Amanda’s technique doesn’t quite jibe with Destiny. Or with celebrity dogs. Especially when things go horribly, horribly, wrong.

AB017 – The Hazing (Destiny Pt. 5)

6. August 2007 Category Episode | 0 Comments »

It doesn’t matter that Amanda Banana has been dogwalking for over two years. It doesn’t matter that she has two college degrees, nor that she prides herself on her excellence. Now that she’s on the verge of promotion to the higher echelon of Southern California dog clientele – the coveted celebrity dogs, she’s once again treated like dirt. The help.

Only now the person doing the treating isn’t even one of the holier-than-thou celebrity clients – it’s Amanda’s rival, Destiny. The top dog at the dog-walking agency. Just watch the trap she sets for Amanda as they walk two of the cutest dogs on earth – Lola and Bella. Unfortunately, not all dogs are cute, as we’ll find out…

AB016 – More Doggie Yoga (Destiny Pt. 4)

30. July 2007 Category Episode | 0 Comments »

I think there is a conspiracy underfoot. Why won’t Animal Planet report on the cruelty facing our animals that is Doggie Yoga? Why won’t they report on how the whims of celebrities damage these pups? Why don’t they even have a news show?

In this episode, Amanda Banana dons her dogwalking detective hat to delve more into the practice that is Dog Yoga. Click the pic to play. Now in higher-resolution for users of Apple TV!

Never miss an episode! Subscribe in iTunes.

AB015 – Doggie Yoga (Destiny Part 3)

23. July 2007 Category Episode | 0 Comments »

That’s right. Yoga for Dogs. You think we made this up? Think again. And again. Here in Hollywood, there are many devotees of puppy recreation. These celebrity dogs don’t merely lift their hind legs; they get their hindu on!

In this episode of Amanda Banana, she finally meets her first celebrity: band member, dog owner, alcoholic Rayne Tailor – who happens to like his dogs to do sun salutations before their walk. In Rayne’s world, “down-dog” means something totally different from “down, dog!”

Just how futile is this endeavor? Find out as Destiny schools Amanda on the proper way to assist hounds in winding down, getting grounded and realigning their chakras. Click the pic to play.

AB014 – Destiny Part Two; “Forecast: Rayne”

16. July 2007 Category Episode | 0 Comments »

Amanda Banana is being trained on her first celebrity dogwalk — last week we met “Destiny,” the top-dog at the dogwalking agency. This week Destiny prepares Amanda to meet her first celebrity, and celebrity dogs. Just who is this celebrity? Well, let’s just say it’s a him. And let’s just say he has two annoying little dogs. To know more, you’ll have to watch the episode to find out. Will you be as shocked and amazed as Amanda is?

Perhaps we should change the title of this vlog to Dogwalkers of the Rich and Famous.

AB013 – Destiny (part one)

9. July 2007 Category Episode | 2 Comments »

From wikipedia:

Destiny refers to a predetermined course of events. It may be conceived as a predetermined future, whether in general or of an individual. It is a concept based on the belief that there is a fixed natural order to the universe.

In Amanda Banana’s world, destiny can mean many things. It means that she is meant to be a celebrity dogwalker. That she deserves to be promoted to the higher echelon of Hollywood dogwalking. But sometimes, destiny does not come easy… there are obstacles in the way of destiny to be overcome. What happens when destiny collides with Destiny?

Meet Amanda’s rival.

Dog of the Month!

3. July 2007 Category Episode | 0 Comments »

The DogCat of the Month!

Sure to piss off Dog lovers everywhere, this month our Calendar Canine is actually a Feline. Meet Miss Ginger Kitty! Ginger belongs to a make-up artist living and working in Hollywood. Here is Miss Ginger’s bio, as provided by her human:

My lil’ bestest friend came into my life 9 years ago. She was being
given away at a local grocery store by an old Russian woman. She has
proved to be the best friend a human can have, and has been there for
me in times of joy and sorrow. Her love for make-up is as strong as
her mother’s! She loves it when I put blush on her, and enjoys playing
fetch with make-up sponges!

She is quite vocal, and talks to me all the time. Her little heart
breaks when I leave, but welcomes me home as I walk through the door.
She never hisses or scratches anything, a true lady of her time. I
love her more then words could ever describe. I think it’s so
important to continue the quest to adopt those who don’t seem to be
wanted. I found the perfect treasure in someone else’s trash.

Click on the pic below to visit Miss Ginger Kitty’s profile.


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